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IG: _rachelmariana

paranoidqueens Asked:
This isn't a question but I absolutely adore you and your blog. Don't let them other mothafuckers bring you down. They just jealous. Be you and stay beautiful. 💌💋

My answer:

You’re a beautiful soul. Thanks for the love. xoxoxo bby. Stay beautiful

splashufgold Asked:
Are you willing to give up what you love for who you love?

My answer:

Thinking about it now, at this point I am. Depending on what the what is

nattydredz Asked:
not that it matters, but are ya full blk? Looks like u got that good hair! lol

My answer:

No such thing as good hair

bitchwhodayalove Asked:
tell me how your pussy taste!

My answer:


-imaginarythoughts- Asked:
Twitter isnt healthy, just don't go on it yo.

My answer:

It’s entertaining. Might delete it though. Too many annoying people



communication at its highest level

 black girls r fuckin funny 

BLACK TWITTER IS SO ANNOYING DAMN IT. Seriously considering getting rid of my page. They are annoying the shit outta me.

Today I have been extremely annoyed….. I’m about to sleep it off. Wake up, curse a few people out, go back to sleep. And be happy

adope-loner Asked:
You gonna come here to Indy to watch the Hawks play the Pacers?

My answer:




Amber Rose.

Wiz a lucky ass nigga.


Zoe Kravitz & mother Lisa Bonet 

elevenxi Asked:
omg you're so perfect!

My answer:

Perfect is too strong of a word. I’m normal.

lknightmusic Asked:
I like your energy. Keep doing you. ;)

My answer:

Thank you my man

Free spirit. 18. ATLien. I just want peace of mind.

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