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imtotallybaked Asked:
Instagram or naa?

My answer:

Same name as here.

mreasthoe Asked:
I wanna taste you . 👅💦

My answer:

Join the club


left is summer looks and right is “let me show u why i don’t “comb every morning” white ho”



Where are the lies tho

Omg yes!

Anonymous Asked:
you have a beautiful smile

My answer:

Aw thank you

9bmcxesjay Asked:
Let me borrow some hair

My answer:

I need cash for that

I blow dried my hair 😊

This is why I hate twitter. Rape is made as a joke. This is serious shit. Sad part is I bet plenty of women favorited it or retweeted it and it’s disgusting. This guy is scum for even posting this.

raphaelskyhigh Asked:
If your being you, aren't you different? Because everyone's unique

My answer:

Really not someone who reads into stuff like that. I don’t really care if I’m being different or the same.

Anonymous Asked:
I follow you on twitter and I stalk your pictures . You're sexy

My answer:

Cool. Thanks

raphaelskyhigh Asked:
What are three interesting things about yourself that separates you from others?

My answer:

I really don’t know. I’m not trying to separate myself. I’m just being me so.

rightcurved Asked:
I added you on snapchat. my tag is therecordstr8. It's also my instagram

My answer:

Your icon isn’t even a pic of you on tumblr…. Why are you telling me this?

litostarr Asked:
I always hated Raichu.

My answer:

Didn’t no one ask you. 😒

Free spirit. 18. ATLien. I just want peace of mind.

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